2020 -2021

Yvonne Briden

Good Morning to you all.

Hope you are all well and coping with our new normal.  I know some of us have been getting out and about  a bit and some of you are still being more cautious about mixing with other people.  We all have to behave responsibly but carry on in a way that we are comfortable with.

It is good to see some of you back on the green enjoying your bowling.  I think as a club we have handled it responsibly and followed the guidelines from our local council.  I would like to say a big thankyou to the four committee members who offered to run those sessions and make sure you all stayed safe, with hygiene and proper sanitation all in place. Thankyou to Paul, Stewart, David and Peter. 

Our AGM is being discussed, but currently after discussion most of the committee is willing to stay for this season, with just a couple of changes. We feel that it is important to keep some continuity through what has been a difficult time. 

We have now got a date for the Winter League lunch, at Orba Pizza, on Monday the 13th July.  Any person who helped out with the Winter League is welcome to attend if they wish.  Squad members I hope will all be there with their partners. Please make sure you get your name to Hazel asap. We are booking numbers tonight. 

Now a plea for the annual Presentation evening, of which we put out the details recently. 

You all know how strongly I feel about this being supported. Not just because of applauding your fellow bowlers but very importantly to show support for our sponsors.  Vives pons has sponsored us for a long time and it shows respect to them when they see us all there together taking pride in the achievements of this special evening.  We decided a BBQ outside would be appropriate for the time of year and easier for Sara to arrange spacing.  Arrangements are in place for service at tables for drinks, wherever possible but of course you can still go to the bar if you wish. Salad accompaniments will be served to each table.  Some of us have not seen each other for a long time, it is a great opportunity to come together and catch up.  Please put your name forward to Dave Forret asap as we need to finalise.  Tables of 6 or 8 please, names to Hazel or me for that.  We really need your commitment for this one. Your committee works hard for all of you.  Please support us on this event. 


Look forward to seeing you all soon, 

Take care. 



Yvonne Briden. 

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