2019 -2020

Yvonne Briden

Hi Everyone,


Just a few words to update you on current events.

Firstly, I had a very wet but sort of enjoyable time in Guernsey playing in the European championships.  The weather was atrocious every day and made the grass very heavy to play on.  However we persevered and finished about midway in the results.


On to local bowling.

Congratulations to Betty Anderson and her team in the BBC founders Day and to Debbie Williams as runner up team.  Well done to you ladies.  Winter league started 2 weeks ago and we are off to a promising start.  The first game was at home to Vistabella, who were last year's winners, which we won with an 8 points to 4 result. I´m delighted with that.  This week we were up and off early on the coach down to LA Siesta.  Wow Wow Wow, a 12 - 0 win for El Cid.

Very happy bunnies on the coach coming home, after a fabulous lunch at Carmens restaurant.

A huge thank you to three special members who stepped up for us on the day and agreed to come and play for us.  Rita Lumby, Norma Warrilow and Leigh Weatherall.  You were super subs, all putting in a great performance to help bring home the points.  Man of the match was Stewart Beattie, who saved the day with his last two bowls to give us a full house.  Massive pressure for him and he played them so well.

So we are sitting joint top at the moment  and will bask in that glory for now.

Onwards and upwards.  Bonalba at home next Wednesday.   Come on El Cid.....


Yvonne Briden,

El Cid Captain.

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