2019 -2020

Yvonne Briden

Good afternoon to you all.

A miserable time for all of us I fear.

I am known as the social butterfly to my neighbours, certainly had my wings clipped, and living on one's own in times like this is not fun.  I feel like I am under house arrest.  Clearly the country has acted in the best interest of all of us, so we need to respect their rules.  Therefore there will be no bowling or socialising for the foreseeable future.  The green is out of bounds, so please don't go there thinking it will be OK on your own because that is not the case.  We could be heavily fined for breaking the law.


Our season was stopped very abruptly but we just managed to finish our club championships.

Congratulations to all our winners and runners up.  Sadly there will be no presentation night in March, but we may be able to hold it later.  Also our winter and Northern league matches were cut short, so once again there were lots of disappointments.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jill Glastonbury for being this year's Captain of the Northern league and doing a wonderful job.  All good comments from your team members who enjoyed the season.

Now my winter league team.  You were all amazing, incredibly loyal and played your hearts out.  I am very proud to have been your captain and could not have asked for a better squad.

Well done everyone.

On a sad note we had the funeral in the UK of Derek Randall on March 5th and we sent our love and best wishes to Anita and family.  We have put a small plaque on rink 5. As most of you know, that was his least favourite rink.  He will always be remembered.


Please stay safe,  keep well  and check up on any person you know is on their own.  Sharon Weatherall, our newly appointed social secretary, is on the ball with checking up on us . She is a real asset and we thank her for coming on board.


I look forward to getting us all back together as soon as possible, but in the meantime, keep well and look after yourselves.


Yvonne Briden

El Cid Captain.

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