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2022 - 2023

Stewart Beattie


Captains Update July 2022

Our new Maintenance Shed is in place and now houses our Green Cleaning equipment. On behalf of all members can I thank Richard Warrilow, Paul Trunchion and Peter Whitbread for putting it together in some hot weather. Thanks also to John Feek who continues to keep our Green looking great and the flower tubs alongside rink 6 add a nice splash of colour.  Selma Blight has added several new recycling bins at each end. Please use them and encourage others to also.

Our Club Presentation evening was held on 14 May with an informal presentation of awards in the Restaurant, before joining the Entertainers on the Terrace for a great evening.  Richard Warrilow is this year’s Club Champion after a very successful year across many disciplines. Many thanks to Paul for organising the Trophys again and to Selma for the decorations. Thanks also to Hazel Brown for organising the evening.

Congratulations to the winners of the Bindley Rotation Triples Open at Jávea BC in May - El Cids Richard Warrillow, Stewart Beattie and Yvonne Briden.  In the Bonalba mixed Pairs in June, Yvonne Briden and Stewart Beattie were runners up.  We are so proud to have Hazel Brown selected to play in the Spanish International team in the European Championships at Ayr in Scotland in July. We wish her well.

We are trying to attract new bowlers to El Cid with some free Try Bowling sessions on Tuesday evenings . The first adverts in June had 8 people having a go and returning for more free coaching. A second event starts 16 August, so hopefully we can attract a few more. Thanks to all those helping me out with these sessions.

Enjoy the summer but stay safe in this heat.