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Membership Green Fees 2024


                Management Green Fee:     € 340.00 per annum per person

                Club Membership Fee:         € 25.00 per annum or part annum per person

                Associate Membership Fee: € 15.00 per annum per person

Seasonal Green Fees 2024     (Does NOT include ECBC Membership Fee)


                3 Months:  € 140.00

                6 Months:  € 215.00

                9 Months:  € 270.00


                Fee per additional consecutive month is €30.00

                The full ECBC Membership Fee is payable in addition to these Part Annual Seasonal Fees


Other Green Fees 2024           (Includes ECBC Membership Fee)


                Trial Membership (3 months†) €60

                Casual Bowlers Day Fee: € 8.00 per person per session.

                Casual/Day fee is payable BEFORE commencement of bowling, a receipt will be given.


          † Trial and Introductory Memberships are only available for new bowlers with no previous experience.                      They may also receive up to 5 coaching sessions free of charge by prior arrangement with the club                          coach. This membership type does not allow the bowler to bowl in scoring League games or 


Terms of Membership


  • Individuals applying to join the ECBC must forward their application to the Committee for approval.

  • The Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any application without communication of reason.

  • Application for membership may be referred to the Owners / Management of El Cid by the Committee.

  • The Management and/or Owners of El Cid reserve the right of admission to the premises of any person at any time.

  • All fees quoted are per person and payable in advance of commencement of membership and of any bowling.

  • All fees are inclusive of IVA.

  • Annual club green fees run for a 12 month year, from 1st April to 31st March 

  • Annual club membership runs for a calendar year, that is, from 1st January to 31st December.

  • All months in a Seasonal Membership must run consecutively.

  • All ECBC members  runs subject to the Club Statutes & Bye-Laws [copy available from Club Secretary]

  • All ECBC members are subject to the Membership Fees above as appropriate.

  • All decisions made by the Committee are final.

  • All applications are placed on the Club Notice Board for a minimum of 2 weeks and tabled at the next appropriate Committee meeting. 

  • Any objections by existing members must be put in writing to the Club Secretary.

  • Issuance of a Casual/day ticket is solely at the discretion of El Cid Management and/or Owners and is subject to availability of Rinks.

  • Casual/day bowlers must abide by the etiquette and dress code of the green and the laws of the game.

  • New members with no previous experience are required to have a up to 5 free lessons with an ECBC Instructor or representative at pre-arranged sessions before joining any club bowling sessions.

If you would like further information or receive a membership application form please contact our Club Secretary on

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