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Membership Green Fees 2023


                Management Green Fee:     € 340.00 per annum per person

                Club Membership Fee:         € 25.00 per annum or part annum per person

                Associate Membership Fee: € 15.00 per annum per person

Seasonal Green Fees 2023     (Does NOT include ECBC Membership Fee)


                3 Months:  € 140.00

                6 Months:  € 215.00

                9 Months:  € 270.00


                Fee per additional consecutive month is €30.00

                The full ECBC Membership Fee is payable in addition to these Part Annual Seasonal Fees


Other Green Fees 2023           (Includes ECBC Membership Fee)


                Trial Membership (3 months†) €60

                Casual Bowlers Day Fee: € 8.00 per person per session.

                Casual/Day fee is payable BEFORE commencement of bowling, a receipt will be given.


          † Trial and Introductory Memberships are only available for new bowlers with no previous experience.                      They may also receive up to 5 coaching sessions free of charge by prior arrangement with the club                          coach. This membership type does not allow the bowler to bowl in scoring League games or competitions.

Terms of Membership


  • Individuals applying to join the ECBC must forward their application to the Committee for approval.

  • The Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any application without communication of reason.

  • Application for membership may be referred to the Owners / Management of El Cid by the Committee.

  • The Management and/or Owners of El Cid reserve the right of admission to the premises of any person at any time.

  • All fees quoted are per person and payable in advance of commencement of membership and of any bowling.

  • All fees are inclusive of IVA.

  • Annual club green fees run for a 12 month year, from 1st April to 31st March 

  • Annual club membership runs for a calendar year, that is, from 1st January to 31st December.

  • All months in a Seasonal Membership must run consecutively.

  • All ECBC members  runs subject to the Club Statutes & Bye-Laws [copy available from Club Secretary]

  • All ECBC members are subject to the Membership Fees above as appropriate.

  • All decisions made by the Committee are final.

  • All applications are placed on the Club Notice Board for a minimum of 2 weeks and tabled at the next appropriate Committee meeting. 

  • Any objections by existing members must be put in writing to the Club Secretary.

  • Issuance of a Casual/day ticket is solely at the discretion of El Cid Management and/or Owners and is subject to availability of Rinks.

  • Casual/day bowlers must abide by the etiquette and dress code of the green and the laws of the game.

  • New members with no previous experience are required to have a up to 5 free lessons with an ECBC Instructor or representative at pre-arranged sessions before joining any club bowling sessions.

If you would like further information or receive a membership application form please contact our Club Secretary on

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