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Wednesday 21 February

This morning the alarm went off at 6.30, the coach left El Cid at 7.45 and arrived at Country Bowls at 10.15. The match started at 11.00 and by 12.15 my team was trailing 0-13 and you ask yourself “why?” Answers on a postcard please.

The match did get a little better and we actually won 8 of the remaining ends but still lost heavily 12-28.

Just over the way Jimmy Paveling’s team also started slowly and trailed 0-6 after 4 ends, recovered to get within 2 shots at 7-9 after 11 ends but then faded again to lose 11-18.

Now to the good news. Yvonne Briden’s team trailed 3-7 after 5 ends but then won an amazing 12 ends out of the remaining 13 ends and claimed a massive 29-8 victory. Chris Salter came into the team at two and had a fabulous game, clearly well supported by Yvonne, Hazel and Paul.

The other win was secured by Jack Wardrop’s team who picked up a 6 on the first end and went on to win very comfortably 23-11. A special mention to Jack who drew shot on many occasions when his team were in trouble. Again well done to his “helpers” Ian, Pat and Stewart.

So in the end we were pleased to pick up 2 wins plus a healthy shot difference of 10 shots, giving us 6 points.

Will I be back next week, I guess so but I will hope for a better outcome.

Country Bowls 4-6 El Cid (overall score 65-75)

Once again we were made so welcome. Enjoyable games. Plenty of healthy banter and as for Eva and the staff in the bar and restaurant, just brilliant, service and food up with the best this season.

Next week El Cid Lancers v Collaborators

Alan Phillips, Press Officer


Monday 12th February 2024

An important day for the Sabres today. Starting the day 1 point ahead of the BBC Sharks but playing them on their own turf today in tricky windy conditions! In the end a good result with the Sabres taking the win by 6 points to 4 but it was so close to being a lot better. Win of the day to Jean McLaughlin, Pat Wardrop and Alan Phillips 20/12. Then Ian Brown, Jan Phillips and Jack Wardrop 21/15. So close on the rink of Richard Warrillow, David Hall and Stewart Beattie. Holding the shots to win in the 18th only to see the opposition skip Trefor Evans take the shot for a Sharks win 16/15. Even on Yvonne's rink just a 4 shot loss mostly due to some awesome bowling from a certain Jeff Richards assisted by Linda Richards and Richard Potts! The shots going to the Sabres by 67/58. So all to play for now with the Sabres still on top but now by 3 points! Updated League table below.

The Swords today welcomed the BBC Barracudas to El Cid. Another result that could have been so different. The Barracudas taking the day by 6 points to 4. So close on the shots though with the Swords only losing by 4 shots. Win of the day for the Swords to Roy Lees,Ian Blight and Jim Sissens 22/15. Bob Williams, Terry Holdback and Dave Forret win 18/17. The Barracudas taking the other results by 16/8 and 18/14.

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