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Wednesday 2nd March Winter League. Sadly no last game for El Cid today. However El Cid does pick up 10 points and 60 shots. This means El Cid will finish a remarkable 3rd in the League and top club north of Alicante. Congratulations to League and Club Captain Stewart Beattie and his dedicated small group of bowlers.

Here is the information provided by Fred Willshire the Winter League Coordinator re the cancellation of the last game. We wish all those affected by Covid a speedy recovery. Take care everyone.


"Furthermore, although El Cid are not affected with Covid cases, in light of the situation in general, San Luis has taken the decision not to play their last game. The outcome of that match would not in any way affect the result of the league and San Luis will have the appropriate points deducted"


With no Winter League game today (Wednesday) the decision has been taken to bring forward the Club Championships Rinks Final which was due to be played on Friday. Currently a yellow alert for heavy rain on Friday! The match will start at 1.30pm this afternoon.

28th February Northern League. Sabres travelled to Calpe Paseo BC. Thank you Ian Brown, Jimmy Paveling and Alan Ferrand with a fantastic 30/10 not only taking their win but allowing the Sabres to come away with 4 points. Sabres taking the shots 67 to 62. So close on 2 other rinks with 19/16 and 14/12 losses.

Once again a fantastic meal afterwards at the Aguamarina Restaurant. Always one of the best meals of the season and fantastic value. Just 2 matches to go. Next week it's a home game v Jávea Hawks.

23rd February Winter League..Today El Cid travelled to La Siesta. A very good day. 3 good wins .

Paul Trunchion, Norma Warrilow, Hazel Brown and Yvonne Briden 27/10

Pat Wardrop, Fred Rensen, Jimmy Paveling and

Jack Wardrop 23/10

John Feek, Peter Morgan,Jill Glastonbury and

Stewart Beattie 25/14

However story of the day goes to Richard Warrillow,David Hall, Dave Forret and Ian Brown.

At least 11/3 down early in game but going ahead 16/15 in the 16th and holding on for a 18/18 draw.

As always match played in great spirit, a lovely welcome from La Siesta and then one of the best meals for all at the superb Quesada Fish and Chips. Great menu, Great food, excellent service and amazing value.

A good day!

Just one more game this year and it's a home game against San Luis. COME ON EL CID!

16th February - An excellent 2 weeks for the El Cid Winter League squad. After last week's 10/0 away win against BBC today it was a home game against Jávea. El Cid taking the day 8 points to 2 including taking the shots by 78/57. Result of the day to Tony Bishop, Peter Morgan, Jill Glastonbury and Stewart Beattie with a 25/12 win. Then it was 21/14 to Richard Warrillow, David Hall,Dave Forret and Alan Ferrand and finally 17/12 to Paul Trunchion, Norma Warrilow, Hazel Brown and Yvonne Briden. Big fight back on the remaining rink seeing a loss by just 4 shots. A truly stunning day with temperatures into the 20cs! Next week it's the last away game with a trip to La Siesta. COME ON EL CID!

14th February - Northern League. Today the Sabres were away to Bonalba. Suffice to say some challenging rinks played in very difficult windy conditions! Bonalba taking the win by 6 points to 4 and the shots 75 to 55. However it could have been worse! Best result today from Paul Trunchion, Hazel Brown and Yvonne Briden winning 21/14 having been 9/4 down early in the game. But what a finish in the match of Richard Warrillow, Jill Glastonbury and Stewart Beattie. 11/5 down after 12 ends. But going ahead 13/12 after 17 ends. Looking like a draw during the last end but the opposition skip decided to play his last bowl and nudged the Jack to our bowl! Sabres win 14/12. Thankyou Bonalba for your superb hospitality. Excellent food and once again those oh so delicious cakes were available. No game for the Sabres next week but then it's away to Calpe Paseo BC in 28th February ( no friendlies)


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