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VCL League



Jimmy Paveling


Vice Captain

Jill Glastonbury


Today El Cid welcomed BBC to play the weather delayed last game of this year's Valencian Champions League. A good finish for El Cid taking the result by 8 points to 4 including the shots 102/89. In the singles good wins for Stewart Beattie 21/14 and Yvonne Briden 21/10. In the Rinks a tight encounter with the lead changing several times but Selma Blight, Dave Forret, Paul Trunchion and Jill Glastonbury winning 24/18. BBC took the Pairs 21/14 and Trips 26/22. So it's congratulations to Jávea Green BC taking the title this year but oh so close for the rest!

Next Games

10th May   +   24th May

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